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A Cell Phone Jammer for Gas Station

Well, it is our common sense that “NO Smoking” in the gas station. Because we all know that no matter naked light or blind fire will cause the explosion in the gas station.

But have you ever noticed that cell phone is also forbidden? Well, you must be confused that why can not use a cell phone? A cell phone seems has nothing to do with the fire? Actually, you are wrong. Cell phone as a wireless communication tool, the radio frequency spark is very easily to cause the bombing in the gas station. Meanwhile, in order to make the communication signals more clear, the frequency of use of mobile phone is very high so the transmit power is stronger than ever. Although all the standards meet national standards they still have a grave threat for the gas station. In addition, there is no explosion protection in the mobile phone, so if the quality of cell phone is not well or using the cell phone in a long time, the shot circuit phaenomenon will happen in the chip of cell phone and the mobile phone will produce a little amount of spark in a moment while answering so that the gas station will explode.

Unfortunately, many customers do not aware of this. And ignore the warnings of the employees. So it is really very necessary to install a mobile phone jammer in gas station. It is the best and simplest way to prevent the potential dangerous.

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