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A Feast for Your Eyes Tonight

Good news, good news, before your big festival Christmas, you can not miss this meteor shower of Gemini. The annual sky show known as the Geminid meteor shower will be taking place this week with the early morning hours providing the best viewing opportunity. Actually is tonight! You can miss it! Because this will the most romantic thing in the end of this year. Just imagine that you and your friends or lover braving the cold in this winter and watch this meteor show, how special! How romantic! Although, the fame of Geminid meteor shower can not match with the Leonid Meteor Shower which is named as the King of meteor showers. But different from the short term of Leonid Meteor Shower, Geminid meteor shower can usually lasting about 10 days.

And no doubt, the Americana and Canadians will be the luckiest one, because the best watching place is USA and Canada in our planet. When you are indulging in this wonderful astronomical phenomena don’t forget to keep warm. But if someone who has no discretion and talking all the time through his or her smartphone, you will be annoyed. Therefore, you had better take a cell phone jammer when you take a coat! This is really a sensible decision.

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