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A Sense of Safety

In this world, the more science and technology developed, the more fears we have. Our world, now, seems filled with insecurity factors. Natural and man-made calamities are everywhere and everyday. Just like a series of Final Destination has shown for any reasons that even out of explicable or exceedingly strange. Well, every time after we have watched this film, nothing we would felt but unsafety.

And now, with the advanced technology, our life is more dangerous then ever. Your privacy can easily be detected by cameras or bugs. And your business conversation can be leaked by the monitor of your cellphone. And Internet may be the most dangerous item in your life. If your computer hacked by some hackers one day may be you just like nothing but a naked one in your life and becomes a joke among your neighbors.

I do not no what gadgets can help you. However, I bought some cell phone jammers, Wi-Fi jammers and GPS jammers for myself and my family as well as my friends. I am not sure whether they could have an influence on my life or not, but at least, they make me feel much better and I do really have a good sense of safety now. If you are interesting in it, you can have a try!

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