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All about cell phone jammers

The brief introduction of the principle communication of mobile:
The operating principal of cell phone as follows:in a certain frequency range,cell phone and base station are connected by radio wave , through a definite Baud rate and modulation ways to accomplish the transmission of the data and voice.

The brief introduction of cell phone jammer:
Aiming at the above principles communication , our cell phone jammer will in a fixed speed from low side frequency to high-end frequency through the channel in the working process. This scanning speed can make messy code distribution during the cell phone receiving the messages , and cell phone could not detect the regular data from the base station, in this way , the cell phone could not make connection with the base station. And your cell phone will be in a way of seeking network ,no signal and no service system,etc phenomenon.

Mainly applying in examination halls , prisons , courts, meeting places ,,libraries , theaters, churches, gas stations ,oil depots , vapour stations and hospitals, etc, where needed confidence, tranquility, antiriot as well as non-distribution.

Only shielding the cell phone signals, and making no troubles of other electronic equipment.
Only shielding the cell phone signals inside of the examination hall , no distribution of the outside not mentioned the base station.

Only shielding the downgoing frequency, and no affection of the upgoing frequency.
Environmental protection, electricity and magnetic field intensity are far below the national
standard , and no impaction on the human body.

Simplicity of operation ,properly installed antenna, power supply can be run automatically.
Industrial grade power supply, stainless steel body heat of the whole and can work under long hours.

Gradual start circuit design can effectively avoid the flint phenomenon appears when starting up.

Selection of Hitachi high-performance integrated circuits, 902M VCO and paster components, adoption of imported automatic chip mounter and counterflow welding machine processing, assembly line production, quality,and performance are stable, not more than 2% repair rate.

Qualifications are all passed the authentication of Testing Center For Quality of Security & Police Electronic Product under The Ministry of Public security of R.P.China, and the strict detection by Office of Environment and Health of Related Product, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Safety, measured value of electromagnetic field intensity in every sampling point is far below the prescribed limits of Regulations for electromagnetic radiation protection(GB8702-88) .

The range of effective shielding: 30-50 meters (200 meters outside the base station )

The range of Transmitting frequency :
(1)869 ― 894 MHz
(2)925 ― 960 MHz
(3)1780 ― 1920 MHz
(4)2010 ― 2145 MHz

Shielding frequency range:CDMA800、GSM900、SCDMA1800、DCS1800、 PHS1900、TD-SCDMA(China Mobile 3G), CDMA2000(China Telecom 3G) ,WCDMA(China Unicom 3G)
Transmitting power : 30±3dbm
Hot-sawp time :3″
Completing shielding time:30″
Ambient temperature::-25 ― +60°C
Relative humidity: 35-85%
Power adapter: Imputing AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Body size : 250mm*145mm*55mm
Net weight:1.5KG

1.Selecting the area where needed cut off the cell phone signal and place in the disjunctor one desks or wall in this area.
2. After installation is completed, get through the disjunctor power ,and turn on power switch.
3. Woking can be started when pressing the power switch disjunctor after device is connected.At this moment,all opened cell phones will be in a state of searching for a network and lose the signal of the base station. The calling/called are neither be connected

Why when jammers working the shielding range will be differed from the instruction?

R: The range and site of the jammer are strongly related with the electromagnetic and the distance of the communication base station. Generally speaking 200meters are the best. Manufactures usually tested in general situation, that’s why there will be a little difference.

Is there any radiation of the cell phone jammer ? And is it harmful to human body?

R: Concerning to radiation, any electronic products will have. Every electrical equipment has radiation. Just like our cell phone we used , radiation is hard to avoid because we place cell phone behind our ears. And there is a national standard of cell phone radiation. However, the generated radiation of our cell phone jammer is far below the national standard , and we don’t need to place it behind our ears every day, therefor , there is hardly damage to our body.

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