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Are You Worry About Battery Die?

Although, all our products of jamming devices are equipped with the best accessories, especially the batteries. But one fact that no one could deny the power which can last forever has not been invented. So, no matter a cell phone or computer or car or other devices will run out of its energy. Our jamming devices is not an exception.

The good news is that the researchers in the University of Michigan in U.S. has created a mechanical beetle which can bu used as battery. In his body, the researchers embedded with thin film solar panel, thin-film batteries, piezoelectric generator, sensor and other facilities, thus through shaking wings this mechanical beetle can generate kinetic energy and then transforming into electric energy to keep the machine in working order.

Therefore, with this small gadget, you don’t need to worry about battery die anymore, you can use it to make your electric devices working all the time.

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