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How to Choose a Correct Cell Phone Jammer

More often than not, some of our customers choose the wrong cell phone jammer when placing an order. So when we doubt that the customer may have ordered the wrong item, we sent them an email to verify and ask them to confirm what frequencies they want to block. Some customers say that they are not too savvy on this aspect. Or others even say that they order the cell phone jammer judging from their appearance such as compactness or other features.

Truth be told, choosing a correct cell phone jammer is really not so difficult as you may think. Or we don’t need to be that professional or savvy in this field to get a good jammer which satisfy our demands.

Before you place an order on a jammer, you should take a look at its specifications which usually show the frequencies list it can jam. For example, if a cell phone jammer can block GSM/CDMA 3G frequencies, this means normal phone calls can be blocked. If in the specifications it lists GSM/CDMA 3G 4G frequencies, then this jammer will help to block normal phone calls, and 4G frequencies which are mainly for cellular network(for mobile web access, IP telephony, gaming services, high-definition mobile TV, video conferencing, and 3D television, etc.)

Or conversely, you can know whether a cell phone jammer is the correct choice based on what purpose you want to achieve. When you need to simply block the annoying or endless phone calls made by someone in public places, you can just order a mobile phone jammer which blocks GSM 3G signals. Or when you want to block not only phone calls, but also cellular network and WLAN frequency of cellphones to get rid of those ignorant bastards who finish-up sitting near to your table at restaurants etc, then you need to look for a cell phone jammer which can block GSM 3G 4G WiFi frequencies in one go.

In this way, the jammer selection become very simple. And a final thing remains is to choose a portable or desktop jammer. This is of course nothing difficult — you can decide to buy a handheld or desktop cell phone jammer based on the occasion you will carry it into use and the jamming range you want to achieve.

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No More Games-playing with the Help of Cell Phone Jammer

The development of information technology brings us a lot of convenience, as well as trouble.

Undeniably, more and more youngsters are addicted to playing online games. As long as there is time, they will take out their cell phones and focus all their attention to games. Even worse, some students even play games in a classroom, completely neglecting what their teacher is lecturing about. Everywhere people are bowing down their heads: on a bus, in a restaurant, at a bus station/airport, etc.

Though most people have been deeply aware of the harm of playing games for long time with cellphones, they still choose to ignore that. More than one tragedies have been reported due to game playing on cellphones, for example, young students got hit by a car due to playing games on cellphone while crossing the street, a young woman went blind due to playing online games on her cellphone continuously for a long time.

Can something be done to stop this? The answer is to utilize a mobile phone signal jammer. It can help you block the cellphone signals when necessary, such as during a lecture in a classroom, in a meeting room, on a bus and so on. A cell phone jammer will be a great solution when you are faced up with people bowing down their heads to the cellphones, regardless of their safety risks, or other people’s feelings.

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New Cell Phone Jammer Always be With You

Beyond no question, technologies is always on the way. And with its highly development, we are the beneficiaries of our times. And we do really enjoy this happy times.

Therefore, with the advanced of science and technology, jamming industry also be pushed into a further step. All the jamming devices are with the best process and Optimum Anufacturing, best quality as well as exquisite workmanship. What is more, our company always tries to offer our customers the best service.

And now, we develop a new and wonderful cell phone jammer for you. This new type of cell phone jammer is adjustable. You can adjust its range or band, so that it can achieve the effect you wanted. And with the streamlined design, you will like the style. And just like all the other cell phone jammers, you can find it is still very easy to install and very convenient. Wherever you go, you can take it!

If you are interested in this new type, why not have a try?

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What to Do with a Daylighter

As a successful business person, you will be very sensitive to this word, because it is really very annoying that if you find your employee is a daylighter!

May be, some people are not familiar with this word. I am vvery glad to explain it for you. Dadylighter is also a office worker, on the surface, a office worker is working for you a whole day, actually, they make use of time you offered for them, and so a part-time job!

You pay for him or her, you employ him or her but they do nothing for you but to utilize your devices and your time as well as your money to earn some extra money under your nose. This is really very angry and unfair.
As wise as you are, you must come up with a good idea now. Bingo! A cell phone jammer and a Wi-Fi jammer will be your best choice. If you find any trace or clue that you employee is not that ‘honesty’ to you, you can use those gadgets to prevent this rude behaviors.

Therefore, all your employees will work whole-hearted for you and your business will be prosperous.

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How about Your Privacy

Well, for the most Chinese, this Christmas is somewhat a little tough. You will say:”well, I don’t think so, because in this Christmas, many of them came to other counties and bought lots of good, especially luxury goods, they just like nothing but shopaholic! So how dare you say that they do not have a wonderful festival? They seems happier than us, even this is our own festival. It is really strange.”

Well, for those overseas people, it looks that way. However, for those who are in its own country, they confront a big problem―information disclosing! The fact is that many internet user’s private information has been released. Their confidential information was published on the internet which including their real name, account, password and contact information and so on. What’s more, not only one website is being hacked but other famous Chinese websites suffered the same situation. So far, as more than 100 million people’s private information has been leaked out! It is terrible and very dangerous!

This event causes a thought-provoking about the safety of internet. How to protect our own privacy? If produce the release outside information should by whose quote? And who should pay for the loss of the victims…

Well, at the moment the Chinese do not come up a good solution to deal with this event and this is a warning for us, we should be very careful about our private information, especially when we do something on the internet. Or may be just a Wi-Fi jammer can protect your privacy!

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Hey, Let’s Go to the LAN Party

As a zealot of party, you will definitely not miss any party around you. Well, actually if you are invited. As a trendsetter, you must have already been participating all kinds of parties, such as the most common one birthday party, business party, dancing party, dinner party, rave party as well as New Year Party and Beach Party Craze, bachelor party and so on.

You will say proudly that all these kinds of parties I have already been and it is wonderful. However, my dear friend, how you ever been to a LAN party? Even as Party Queen or Party King you are not familiar with this party, or may be you never heard of this party before.

Well, it is fine, because this is also the first time for me to hear of this new party. And I find this is a very funny party than all the others. A LAN party is an extraordinary party for you. This is a party that originates from game but on the other hand beyond game. You can fully enjoy the happiness that game bring for you and you can learn form each other. This party emphasizes more on the positivity of the participates, and all game players come here just for sharing their hobbies. When you relax yourself you will find it is really doesn’t matter of profit and loss, it becomes not that important.

So, joining in this party this really an awesome thing and you will feel very happy that you never felt before compared with the previous parties. But it will be very disappointed if all of you are playing happily with each other but some people just sit there play with their smartphone. And at this time, if you can use a 3G cell phone jammer they will join you!

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Watch out Your Tablet

Now, computers or laptops are out of date fo most young people, because they have their new favorite―tablet. And among those tablets, Apple is always on the top of them. It is so cool, so fashion and attractive, no one can ignore the charming light form it. And at first sight, many people will fall in love with her.

Well, when you are immersed yourself in this delicate and beautiful gadget, have you ever think of your body? May be you will say, my body is very well, and this tiny device can put anywhere if you want.

You get me wrong, my dear friends. Have you ever heard of computer disease? You must know it. And now, with the popular of tablet, another disease has came with is tablet disease. You will ask what’s table disease. It means a series disease of healthy problems that bring by tablet. On our daily life, we use it everywhere. And the long time of looking down will cause many diseases such as eye disease, cervical spondylosis and myotenositis and so on.

So, you should really be very careful of your healthy and develop a good habit to prevent this disease. As a matter of fact, if you can play less with tablet, it will be your best choice. However, sometimes it is hard for you to do so, therefore, may be a Wi-Fi jammer can help you. For your healthy sake, never play a long time with your tablet.

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Keep Your Brain Active

My dear friends,are you feel tried? Are you feel that your brain becomes stupid? Are you feel that your memory is worse and worse? Are you feel that your body functions are not as good as before? Are you feel that…

You wanna to learn the reasons, well, in the age of information, there are many reasons that contributed to your bad feelings and one of the most significant one is that technology! We rely on technology excessively, they can make our body functions degenerate gradually. And according to Daily Post Mail, everyday for two hours busy of your body and mind can keep your away from the dementia which is caused by drugs.

Some simple activities such as crossword puzzles, gardening, singing songs as well as yoga, etc. can help the healthy of our brain and keep away from dementia.

And some believe that the internet and computer software are making humans more stupid or show. So, for our health’s sake, we should keep away from our smartphone and tablet as much as possible. Or you can use a mobile phone jammer or Wi-Fi jammer to be your best assistant.

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We-Media Era

Born in this age, we do really don’t know we are lucky or unfortunate. On one side, we are very lucky is that we can enjoy all the benefits that high-tech brings for us. Every field is the beneficiary such as aerospace, education, pharmaceuticals, communication and so on. We don’t need to suffer any inconvenience in our life because all the things we can be done at home and just a snap of finger can get what we need and want. On the other hand, we are unfortunate is that we lose of many good memories with our friends, family and loved ones. Because we do everything through our internet, and we seems have less time to play or date or communicate with others. It is a pity, we put all our time indulge in this illusionary world but not the real world.

All these reason is because we are in the We-Media Era. And you will ask me what’s We-Media Era? It means we can reporting news by personal dissemination via electronic media. Everyone has a microphone, everyone is a reporter and everyone is news disseminator.

However, when this brings us lots of conveniences there is also some potential dangers around us.

If your employee send out the secrets of your company through the internet, what would you think? Therefore, in order to prevent this behavior, you should use a Wi-Fi jammer or mobile phone jammer to protect your firm or institution from unnecessary loses.

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How Long

In the age of E-Time, we are lucky enough to share this wonderful life. Because with rapid development of technology and science, we are the beneficiaries. Electronic era is amazing that just as someone had said it can do everything for you, there is only unexpected things for you but nothing can be done. Because the pioneers of our times are always thinking before us.

Therefore, we are experience the bombings of technology time and time again and we do really never think of that. And one of the most impressive is Apple’s products in recent years.

However, when we are immersing in this happy and fantasy world, have you ever notice that there is something that you ignored? My dear friend, can you still remember how long have you not communicate with your friends or parents vis-a-vis? How long have you not write a letter to your loved ones? How long have you not hug or kiss your kids or spouse? How long have you not…

I do not to embarrass you anyway, my friends, all I do is just wanna to remind you that you should put down those so-called high-tech products and enjoy your rare opportunity to stay with your family!

If you are worry about your kids won’t match your idea, may be you should to prepare a Wi-Fi jammer or cell phone jammer in advance.

Marry Christmas!