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Cell Phone Jammer Applying On Examination

With the development of the network technology and as a means of communication the popularization of cell phone makes it the new favourite among middle school student.Over several years, so long as you put a little attention it is easy for you to see that some students speak with fervour and assurance with cell phones. And it is no longer a fresh news that hearing the ringing of cell phone in the class. The severer situation is that students using the Sms Blasts to send out answers instantly, imagine the mischief.Therefore, besides ideologically educating students realize the harm of cheating in examinations we need to completely eradicate from the technology.

The examination room with the cell phone jammer should meet the following characteristics:

1.Easy installation and carry in, when testing the supervisor take it in to the examination room, you can use while you plug in; taking away while the exam is over;

2.Can shield all kinds of cell phone signals, and you can not call and receive and dispatch messages as well as surf the internet. That means you need to shield the following frequence range: CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/CDMA2000; the valid shielding distance must come up to 20 meters;

3.Reasonable price, time limit for quality is three or above three years. School uses jammer only when examination, please put it back to storeroom while finish using.

4.For the best heat dissipation and keep the stable of property, you should use the mental shell.

5. Should obtain the certifications of ISO900 and CCC the certificate of the CNITSEC.

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