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Cell Phone Jammer Improve Work Efficiency

The first time you see this title you think that I must be out of my mind. How could a cell phone jammer to improve our work efficiency? Believe it or not? I am serious.

Americans researchers discovered that the frequence use of cell phone can reduce the creativity and have an influence on efficiency. For example, if people interrupted by mobile phone when they single-hearted devoted or study hard, it needs at most 15 munites to start all over again. What’s more serious is that if because of the phone rinning as one falls and another rises, people have to drop their work to answer the phone calls which seriously affecting the efficiency and mood. And they also found from the research that the cell phone ringing during work would have a interference of employees and may reduce the people’s creativity and memory. So that experts remind that when you concentrate on your work you can turn off the phone, and when you need to call you can use public fixed-line to dial.

If I am the boss or employer of the company, I will install a cell phone jammer to help me. A cell phone jamming devices can easily help me to deal with this problem and improve my employees working efficiency. A desktop cell phone jammer can jam all the GSM frequency and its blocking radius ranges from 20-40 meters. And what’s more the antennas are adjustable. You deserve it.

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