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Cellphone Magnates Come to Crisis of Confidence

The main reason that trapped these cellphone magnates in this crisis of confidence is not because the quality or sales of their smartphones, but a mobile phone software named Carrier IQ.

What is Carrier IQ? You may have never heard of this item,and even got no idea what it is doing for us. But this software is very popular and has created a big stir all around the world. You must be very interested in Carrier IQ now.

Actually, it is not a software application service but is suspected as a spying software which will steal the user’s privacy. Carrier IQ can record not only your text content but every movement that you do on your smartphone. And they will be transmitted to operators at the same time. The American telecom operators such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and HTC as well as Sangsung, etc have confirmed their cellphones are equipped with this software.

No denying, our science and technology is becoming more prosperous, however, our private space is becoming narrower. The original intention of mobile phone is to provide convenient life for people but now it has became the most convenient gadget to steal the people’s privacy. This is somewhat unexpected. Science is a double-edged sword, we need to use it in a right way. Just like our jamming devices, if we use it in right places it will do us a big favor, but, if we use it for illegal thing it will just be nothing but a complice. 

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