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Couch Commerce

Online purchases is an overwhelming trend and shift in today’s world. If you never been to purchase anything through the internet, I would just to say that you are totally out of date. Because even as out of date as me, I had bought something via cyber. As you can see. How popular is online shopping? It is beyond your imagination.

And with the development of technology, we don’t need to sit on the chair to click the mouse, now, with our smartphone and tablet, we just need to lie on your couch and then buy what you want. So that another ‘couch commerce’ is emerging on our society. What’s about couch commerce? Well, it refers to that people use their tablet PC and smartphone to purchase items they like. No denying, shopping like this is very convenient and comfortable. You don’t need to go out and save lots of your time. On the other hand, ‘couch commerce’ is not good for your health and will cultivate other disease in your body. And network security is not that well, your account may be easily snatch by hackers or other institution or lawbreaker.

If take this into consideration, may be it is better to go out for shopping just as an excise. Or if you don’t like this, you can use a 3G jammer or Wi-Fi jammer to prevent this potential dangerous.

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