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Enjoy Classical Theater Once Again

Can you remember how long have you not enjoy a classical theater? I know you are so busy that you do have no time to appreciate this art, but I also know that you have been to cinema many times this month.

Well, I do not mean to blame anyone. I mean now you’ve got a chance to enjoy a theater written by Shakespeare―A Midsummer Night’s Dream! You like this drama, don’t you? This theater will paly by Christina Ricci who will have the role of Hermia. And this wonderful performances will have its debut on March 28.

However, it will be very disappointing if some unharmonious noises come from others cell phone when you are enjoy this classical drama. The good news is you have enough time to prepare for this unexpected incidents. You can take a cell phone jammer in advance, if you do not have one, what are you waiting for?

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