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Halloween’s new trick

Hey, my dear friends, Halloween is aroud the corner, you must be too impatient to wait engaging in this carnival time. But have you got any ideal to play tricks on anyone? Your answer must be :”Nonsense.”

Oh.dear, are you sure you really got the true essence of my question? Don’t be puzzle, I will help you. If you want to be totally different from others you have to think of an ideal that is extraordinary from other’s!

As time goes by, the meaning of Halloween gradually changes to somewhat of gala like the April Fool’s Day. Consequently, now the symbols of Halloween’s monster and drawings are all changed into lovable as well as eccentric and funny, such as Jack-o-lantern and witch,etc.

Especially the Americans who loves to exhibit their creatives, on this day they will try their best to make themselves be a real ghost. All these changes make the festival more interesting.

However, you find out that all these are out of fashion, you wanna make a big difference. Here comes the opportunity!With our Wi-Fi jammer you can do it !

Our jammer can shield all the Wi-Fi signals around you. You can gally them as long as you like, if they can not distinguish your trick! But please keep in mind, do not overdo things!

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