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Hello, Thanksgiving Day, Hello Jammer

Welcome to the Thanksgiving party, my dear friends! Tonight will be a sleepless night and everyone will immerse themselves in the middle of all that fun in the United States.

This is a special day and as well as a original traditional day in USA, it is a big time for the family happy reunion. But something you do not know is that Thanksgiving Day is the national holiday in America and have a close connection with the USA early-stage history. In the year1863, Lincoln who was in power of the USA announced the fourth Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day every year. From then on, the celebration activities would be held on this day. At that time every family reunion together, nationwide celebration, this grand and enthusiastic situation is nothing less than the Chinese how to spend their New Year! It is time to feast on a fete, there are many kinds of foods for you to taste such as apple, orange, chestnut, walnut, grape as well as plum pudding and of course the most wonderful and attractive dishes are roastturkey and pumpkinpie. These courses have been the most abound traditional and and the most popular food in Thanksgiving Day.

So on wonder, today, or now, you must be very busy with your big dinner party and elaborately prepare your meal for your family. You are imagining the harmonious pictures that all your love family members sit together and enjoy your delicious foods and talk and sing happily! But one thing you leave out is that there must be a unwelcome visitor. Who? You will ask me. Well, it is cell phone. Now, you must remembered that last time it was just this inharmonious cell phone ringing that broke your family time and you dinner end with the sullen atmosphere.

This time you should take some measures to avoid this situation. But how? It is easy , just a jammer can help you get out of the dilemma. Have a try!

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