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How to Shield iPhone 5 and iPad 3

The bell sounding of the New Year 2012 will be rung soon. While we are waiting for the next year, we always will make a wish about the New Year and this year is not an exception. Among all our wishes, may be the release of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will be the most one to expect to!

As the most attractive products in the New Year, beyond question, a great deal of people will flock into them. Especially for those fans of Apple and Jobs as well as new technology. They will definitely not miss this chance.

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are the high-end, high-capacity and high-speed products. Therefore, they applied the most advanced technology 4G not 3G. So that they can operate very well all the time. And you never need to worry about the signal or other problems about them, it was happy, it was depression.

As for so many people will buy them and use it everywhere, no doubt, this will disturb your pace and quiet life. Thus you will take it into consideration as how to shield the signals of those devices. Good news, a 4G jammer can be your right hand! It can halt all the transmission of 4G signals!

Thanks to the development of jamming industries! 

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