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The first time this word came into your view, some of you will ask me :”Hey, you must write a wrong word, because i have never seen this word before!” Take your time please! I believe for some Apple fans this word may be the most familiar one, because after the Steve Paul Jobs’s decease, the fans of Apple in order to memory this great person they deeply loved, they created this word “iSad” and in this to cherish Apple’s father! No doubt, the news of his death was a big bombshell and also a body-blow of Apple company, because after hie death, the suspicion have never been stopped. People are all worry about the future about Apple and hope it can amount to something, but without Jobs it seemed very difficult!

Well, come to the point, iSad means : I am sad. The fans also uploading many mottos of Jobs, and the one which was transmitted most in Twitter was :”Working will become an important part of your life, and the only way that obtain a job satisfaction is have a strong faith that you are engaged in the great work.!”

No matter you believe it or not, at least I believe that I am working on a great job! You will ask me what job am I occupy? I am a saleswoman. I sell mobile phone jammer for my company and I believe I will make a big difference, because our jammers are at their best quality and with our perfect After-sale service all our consumers can get the best product they wanted and have a nice time on our shopping website!

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