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Nice House, Nice Life

The Former World Champion in 2008, Guo Jinjin will finish her main affair of her life this year. She will marry with Kenneth Fok, the grandson of Henry Fok, a patriotic democratic personages. Guo Jinjin and Kenneth Fok’s marriage will be hold on October. As it is reported on 5th January. Kenneth Fok’s proposals for this Olympic champion has done for many times and after going through so many difficulties they ‘Jack shall have Jill all shall be well´╝ŤJack shall have Jill, all shall be well’ . The as long as 7 years relationship has finally drawn a sentence of this proposal. And in recently, their luxury property house has been exposed by the media. This is really a very splendid and huge house. And it can be compared with a castle. If you take a look of it, you will be shocked, I bet.

Living in such a beautiful house it is really the happiest thing in one’s life. However, as a public person, it is sometimes inevitable to be photographed by the Paparazzi. At that time, your house is no longer to be a warm and sweet place but a annoying place. So that a wireless bug camera jammer is very useful for you if you want to keep the harmonious atmosphere in your home!

You do really deserve one, because better house, better life!

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