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Nikita’s Menace―Jammer 

Three is no denying that Nikita’s whirlwind have already spread over the face of all the earth! Not a man but even a woman may be attracted by her innumerable glamorous appearance such as her a series of perfect actions, her charming look, her magnetic voice and most important her intelligence and wisdom! We completely immersed ourselves in this TV drama program and appreciated the plots about how Nikita fought against “Division” with her wisdom and courage!
In my opinion, this is really a great episode for us to enjoy, and there is no wonder the episode achieved a big success and sprang up around the world through out the rest of The Vampire Dairies, the other famous episode that The United States CW TV had launched.

The main means they used were high-end technologies, such as the internet, GPS, weapons, and other devices that you can not name their names. And of course, they also had a senior programmer, may be hacker was a better designation. Therefore, Nikita used this methods invades into the system of “Division” owning to that she had been trained here for l long time. And what’s more, she even inserted a spy there who could offer her the latest information about “Division”. All these plots were very attractive but have you ever got an ideal that if the “Division ” set up a jammer which can block all the signals from the cell phone, GPS and WLAN, Nikita should not get so many information and done some amazing acts so may be we could not appreciate such a wonderful TV programme!

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