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Overheard, It Depends on You If with a Jammer

Have you ever seen the movie called Overheard which was a star-studded cast performed by ChingWan Lau, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Jingchu Zhang and Alex Fong and so forth. If you have never seen this film, well I have to say:”You are out of fashion, totally!” The movie Overheard its success not only depended on its real cliffhanger but also relied on its most significant feature was to let every audience into a sense of both.

Now, you must suspect my exaggerate words, it is fine, because I will convince you with the most convincing evidence. The starting poster was very attractive and its blooding degree even can match with the Saw, the horror movie. In fact, there was none business of the story of the play, this was just a metaphor, the graphic designer Frank Chan was only want to describe the darkness and cruel in the inner of human nature. No doubt, they got what they wants. The box office of the film broken into 30 million in only three days! And the total box office was over 110 million!

In this movie, they were tightly connected by an occasional overheard, and the story developed with this clues.

May be there is no overheard there is no crime! Therefore, this film is also a warning for us. So if you want to protect your business privacy you should do something. And the best and reasonable way is to buy a jammer. Our mobile phone jammer will be your man Friday and you need not worry anyone will monitor your callings!

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