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Person, Car, Life

Beyond no question, the manufacturers of automobile are very wise, they know the way around consumers and understand something about human nature and how human nature interacts with their businesses. Sometimes, they are not only merchants but also psychologist! It is somewhat a little terrible.

One of the automobile manufacturers according the human nature’s desire promote a series of cars with a colorful and vivid as well as attractive ads to draw the public eyes. In their ad, they put people first, you can see people in their lives are all enjoy themselves very much, the smiling faces and happy come from within, everyone will be moved! And then, you can see you drive your car carefree and enjoy your life very much. The ad portray a picture of our dreaming life, only as you possess this car your life will have a whole life! An entire life!

However, it is very awesome to drive your car and experience life. If your boss or anyone or any secret institution via GPS to trace you routine in order to monitor your movement, what would you think of?

May be you will in a low spirits and not happy at all. Fortunately, when our technology produce GPS for us and at the same time GPS jammer! If you so really to enjoy person, car, life, you deserve one!

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