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Poor Messages

Beyond the question, in this New Year, you must have received lots of beatific texts from your friends, relatives, your consumers, your partners even someone you have just saw one or two times and even strangers.

Why they send you messages? One reason is that you are familiar with each other. However, this is not the point. In my opinion, the most important reason is that technology. With the advance of technology, text a message is not that hard and what’s more, it spends very less, you can afford it. What’s more, now, most messages are create by some professional operators and you can send one message to all the others in the same time through Bulk SMS. It is so convenient and very useful, only in this way you can keep contact with all your friends.

However, have you ever thought that the message is not text by yourself and your friend has already received numberless texts which is just the same as yours! Now, many many people are upset about this Bulk SMS! So, when you first read this message you will smile but when the same message is send to you 1,000 times, you must feel crazy!

If you want to avoid this phenomenon may just a cell phone jammer will be your man Friday! Do not believe me? Why not have a try? 

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