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Real Estate Agents Defending Poaching

Real Estate Agents vie for the house resources, can you imagine how fierce it is? It must beyond your imagination. Recently, a certain European website show that in order to prevent the opponent poaching, they used jammer to block the customers’ cell phone signals. Nearly two years, the second-hand house market is very dynamic, for the sake of avoid other Real Estate Agents to call the guests with the rising price to lure them jump the list at the last gasp, bigger Real Estate Agents are all equipped mobile phone jammer. What’s more, the reporter finally saw this jammer on one Real Estate Agen located in Zhongbei road, Wuchang.

Cell phone jammer is a rectangular box as an ordinary book size, there are 4 antennas which is as long as 5cm, on the other hand of the box there is a external plug. When using it, just put the plug into the socket. Open the jammer button only half a minute on the scene, the reporter’s cell phone had no signal until out of the room there is signal.

However, the Real Estate Agent considered that they were forced to do so against their will. The agent said:”In general, we do not use it, we do so only when the battel for the house resources is violent.”

Whether the intermediary company can use the jammer or not? An expert of wireless indicated that according to the national radio management issued documents, at present, only the confidential units having the confidential meetings, can be approved to use mobile communication jammer by the related departments.

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