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Say Goodbye to Big Brother with Jammer

My dear friend, have you got any idea about Big Brother? Absolutely, it is not about a big brother or big sister in a big family. He is a character in an English novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. And as a dictator in this novel, he never appeared in the book from the beginning to the end. However, though never appeared his existence is always considered as the symbol of power.

The author George Orwell is a left-wing novel writer in English, and this book which published in 1949 is considered as dystopian novel with Brave NewWorld by Aldous Huxley and We by Евге?ний Ива?нович Замя?тин. In this book George Orwell portrayed a terrible and miserable as well as suffocating society, chasing power is the ultimate goal hypothetical totalitarianism society. The novel through describing the life of ordinary people in the society reveals any form of totalitarianism will inevitably lead to her people and even her whole country become tragedy.

The world in 1984 was carved up bu three superpower―Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia. The wars in these three nation are perpetual. The internal social structure was thorough broken, the highly centralized rule executed, changing the history, changing of the language, such as “new”-Newspeak) and breaking the family as extreme measures to suppress people’s thought and instinct, with surveillance function of the “electricity screen” (telescreen) to control the behavior of people thus leading to the personal worship to the leader and feeling hatred for the enemy at home and abroad so that to maintain social work.

Well, almost thirty years has passed, and our life is much better and wealthier. However, the telescreen is still exist in our life merely changes into another form that we are not so clear. Because our government need it to keep its working through surveil people’s behavior. And say goodbye to our Big Brother is easy, only a jammer can do this. With a nice jammer you can avoid the surveillance of our government so that you can have a nice time!

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