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Say Goodbye to the War with a GPS Jammer

No denying there are many things that contributed to a war, because war is a very complicated and complex system, if all the elements of the war are not propitious no one would start a war easily.

That’s why you will ask me how you dare to say that only a GPS jammer can stop a war because so many means could not do a favor. Well, just like an old saying said Using small energy to achieve great achievement. Sometimes we need to use some methods that the others unexpectedly. As we all knew the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Before troops deployment, U.S. commanders have the right to decide which skills needed to be training intensively. In Iraq and Afghanistan, although all the armies were equipped with compasses, they never be used. On the contrary the U.S. officers and soldiers like drawing a grid square on the map with the help of GPS.

Now, you see if there is a GPS jamming device it can intercept all the GPS signals and the war could not continue. For the peace of our world, we should really say goodbye to all wars. If a GPS jammer can really do us a big favor why not use?

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