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Smartphone Versus Jammer

In the view of you, maybe it will never occur to you how does this two can connected with each other?

Not long before, the mobile phones seems nothing just like a device that we make connection with each other, we use it only for one reason―communication. However, with the never-ending changes and improvement of technology, our cell phones is more than a cell phone, they have an inclination to be the laptop, and they also have a new name:smartphone. They are breaking the tradition of the previous mobile phones. Making phone calls and texting are the most basic performance, watching videos, navigation, reading books, receiving and dispatching e-mails, listening music, playing games, listening radio, taking photos , surfing the internet,etc.

In the every corner of every where you could see people play their mobile phones, in gardens, in buses , in cars, in classes, in offices even in the restrooms! They just put their fingers on the keyboard or the screen, and the noise of typing, you are wondering what’s the matter with this crazy world? And not only the consumers but the manufactures are the same. They produce the smart phone one after another and the consumers so flock to them.

But, I believe this is not a phenomenon you want to see. The more they use mobile phones, the worse their healthy. Therefore, for the sake of your friends and family it is better to own a jammer, no matter a cell phone jammer or a Wi-Fi jammer are both fine. The jammer can block the signals from mobile phone or WLAN, when you have a family time it is much better than others’ disturbing!

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