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The School’s trouble

With the improvement of our living standards, middle school students are generally own cell phones or other electronics. This situation made a big trouble of school management. Students stay up at night, using their cell phones text messages, surf the internet,etc. By day, yawns cross over all the class, students bends over to sleep. In order to manege this phenomena, some school install numbers of cell phone jammer to shield the cell phone signals. The problem is students were all behavior better but the neighbors near the school were not agreed, they called the mobile-phone operators in succession.

The neighbors near the school were very depressed, upon arrival evening, their cell phone not had no signals but the signal was fairly bad and a lot of noise while making a phone call. Not until they complaint to mobile-phone operators they understood it was all because the cell phone jammer the school installed. The principal said, at beginning they just wanted to block the mobile phone signal just like the government authority meeting. And when they were installing, they conducted the test, and never expected that it would make such a trouble for the neighbors. He indicated that they have already turned off the jammer, and apologized to the residents of the surrounding.

In fact, the school has its difficulties ,too. The enrollment was not well, so they only can rely on strengthen management and built school spirit. But the present students are very hard to manage. Just taking the use of mobile phones into consideration, parents would like to buy a cell phone for kids to keep in touch for convenience. But uses cell phone in school causes many problems such as fall asleep in class, inattention,etc. Previously,the only way school taken was to confiscate their mobile phones. Whereas, student did not care much about a cell phone which was RMB several thousands. They would quickly buy another one to use .So this was just address symptoms but not root causes. The school had no ways so that they thought of this jammer.

Operators communication frequence range is allocated by nation, Any unauthorized occupation, interference, violation the use of the band are not in conformity with the provision. During the college entranced examination, the school is permitted to use this cell phone jammer. Government bodies usually use jammer when they have a meeting in a meeting room. It is small power and no affection for the nearby. You need go to Radio Management Committee for registration if you want to shield signal, after get the permission you can use it. Otherwise you will break the radio regulations. Then, can we only block the targeted persons but not affect the residents around? Can it be true from the point of technology?

Through operators to obtain this purpose is impracticable and certainly have an effect on the neighbors. If we lock the students cell phone number from the backstage, in some certain occasions students cell phones will be on the stopped status. This sound like a good ideal, the problem is that is it hard to accredit. Students do not out of credit, if there is no authorization, the operators have no right to do so. The good news is one technology maybe relatively effective, that is scanning the numbers to find out which students are using their cell phone and to do point management. However, this technique is not open for public, it is mainly used for public security department. Therefore, it is very difficult to shield the cell phone signal from the technology aspect. And this is maybe the problem that other schools confronted. How to deal with it, we probably need more mature and reasonable programme.

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