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Traveling In The Sea Of Books With Our Jammer

The huge scale of libraries must beyond your imagination, it is really very difficult for us to imagine how splendid, huge and the content a library is. You are very lucky, today I will show you some of the best libraries in the world.

Definitely, the Library Of Congress, United States bear bear the brunt of all these libraries. It was established in 1800, almost 200 years from the now on. It was the biggest treasure-house of knowledge all over the world and it was the significant symbol of United States culture and democracy. The collections of the Library of Congress include more than 32 million cataloged books and other print materials in 470 languages; over 61 million manuscripts; the largest rare book collection in North America, including the rough draft of the Declaration of Independence. Next, let’s us come to the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, BnF. At first, it was only served for the France Royal Family, in the 1981, President Mitterrand putted forward that they would construct a library that first in the world. And requirements as follows: this brand new library should cover all the fields of human knowledge, and can serve the service for everyone. It must apply the most advanced technology of information dissemination as well as offer the service for other European countries. Now, no one could fail to concede that Mitterrand had indeed made good on this bold promise.

Now, your souls must expanded beyond their skins in these libraries, but if there is anyone who makes noise with his Apple or other devices, your dream seems broken! So, our jammer come in handy. Our cell phone jammer can shield all the signals from cell phones.
We do really want to offer you more information about the amazing libraries, but time rolls on, waiting for no man. If we catch a opportunity next time, we are very delight to introduce to you!

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