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What Could Happen To The Incredible Hulk With A Jammer

The Incredible Hulk told us a terrible story: scientist Bruce banners Genetic variation due to the radiation, despite all these, he still tried to find out a method which can cure his poison cell. When he felt indignation, he would become a Invincible , strength of infinity man and as high as a hill, just like high Green Giant! Because wanton violence would make his body function quickly. But this was not he wanted, he would rather lived for a normal life than had such a super power!

In order to elude the U.S. Military chase, he had to hide himself in seclusion. What’s more, he cur off all the connections with his before life and his lover. As the story developed, the reason of “Green Giant” raised to the surface, and after duplicating the same gene, another variation of people “Hate” was created! The same amazing distractive as Green Giant’s power, but a rather disgusting one as well as the most threatening enemy the Green Giant has to fight for…… At the same time, he had to make a final selection that troubled him all the time: Go back to be a normal scientist again? Or continue to bear the green creature has been hidden in the bottom of his heart? Or ……

The plot could not be so attractive if the hero had a jammer. Why? You must will ask me. The answer is if he had a jammer, he could block the signals of the U.S. Military , and had no need to hide himself from palace to place, so lots of thrilling scenes would not appear on our screen. So if you feel you are in danger and tracking by someone, do not hesitate to buy a jammer!

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