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What to Do with a Daylighter

As a successful business person, you will be very sensitive to this word, because it is really very annoying that if you find your employee is a daylighter!

May be, some people are not familiar with this word. I am vvery glad to explain it for you. Dadylighter is also a office worker, on the surface, a office worker is working for you a whole day, actually, they make use of time you offered for them, and so a part-time job!

You pay for him or her, you employ him or her but they do nothing for you but to utilize your devices and your time as well as your money to earn some extra money under your nose. This is really very angry and unfair.
As wise as you are, you must come up with a good idea now. Bingo! A cell phone jammer and a Wi-Fi jammer will be your best choice. If you find any trace or clue that you employee is not that ‘honesty’ to you, you can use those gadgets to prevent this rude behaviors.

Therefore, all your employees will work whole-hearted for you and your business will be prosperous.

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