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Why Our Cell Phone Jammer To Abet An Evil-Doer

With our cell phone jammer we put it as a right hand man for you all the time. However, it never occurred to us that it would be a good assistant for the harmful elements in our committee.
Now, you must be wondering what happened? According to the report of Orlando Sentinel the bold headline said: High-tech thieves used phone jammers in $74K sunglass heist, cops say. A couple of thieves tunneled into an Orange County sunglass shop, making off with almost $74,000 worth of designer shades. Their modus operandi was very advanced, not only they used some tools used a pry bar and sledge hammer but the most important tool was a “high-power jamming unit”, which could shield all the signals of cell phone, GPS and radio and its range can cover as large as a football field. With this high-end technology they triumphantly stole the possessions of the sunglass shop. But Give a thief enough rope and he will hand himself. Finally, the cops caught the two thieves and put them into the local jail.
Luckily, they were caught by police. We do not need to worry about the safety of ourselves. The problem is that whether the wifi jammer is safety or not? Well, our products are all equipped with high quality and they are safety. Because of these advantages the two thieves made use of this and did the illegal deed. We promise, if you only put it in the right use and places it will not makes any trouble for you but only convenient. So, using the right method to do the right thing and you will definitely have a better life!

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