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You’ve Never Been to Yourself? A Jammer Can Help You

Shhh… All right, be quiet! The movie’s starting. Shhh… Please keep quiet! The concert is beginning. Shhh… Please keep quiet! The patients are sleeping…

You must not unfamiliar with those warnings, because it seemed that you are the very one who makes these warnings everyday! Maybe you will ask yourself:”What’s wrong with me? Why I became like this? I just like a complaining wife! It is terrible! Unbelievable! ” In fact, it is not your fault, something out of your control and you can do nothing with it! It is just like the not so well known but it is so good to listen song I’ve never Been to Me, the original singer is Charlene who was the soul singer of Rhythm and Blues, this song is the only hit song in her lifetime. And afterwards, many cover versions were emerged by other singers. Well, this song describes a woman in a narrative style who had gone through many vicissitudes of life finally realized that it was but the illusion so much so that I’ve never been to me!

In fact, I do not mean that you are the one like the heroine of this song, what I would like to utilize the tittle of the song to describe that with the mobile phone, laptop, computer and other instruments our life is in a mess! The annoying noises never stopped in our life so that you have to warn others to keep quiet. You lost your carefree life, you lost yourself, you are just in a world that fulled with uproariousness.

You scream and shout if there is anyway to help you find your way back to a tranquil world? You are so lucky, we can do you a favor. With a cell phone jammer you can jam all the signals of cell phone and a WiFi jammer can disrupt the WLAN signals. Under the help of these devices I am sure that you will find your way back immediately!

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